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Saturday, August 04, 2007

We Interview Sylvainne!

We sit down with our main actress: Sylvainne Marcel:

City 7 Breen: Hi Sylvainne
Sylvainne: Hiya
C7B: So, should I just fire away?
Sylvainne: Don’t see why not?
C7B: Ok, first up, are you happy with how your character is portrayed in Episode 1?
Sylvainne: No, not really, she seems really weak and useless, I’m not like that! It’s just I think it’s a little degrading somehow, but I suppose it’s to draw the contrast between me and my sister.
C7B: Which reminds me, are you two just sisters or twins?
Sylvainne: Twins of course! same age, same height, same looks and all, we just prefer to refer to each other as sisters.
C7B: Ok, cool, how would you answer to those people who say you and your sister look like guys?
Sylvainne: Aww, I’m very hurt about that, no, not really, I mean it’s fair enough, we wear thick armour, so, none of our…features…show if you know what I mean, and we both have our hair tied up, so unless we’re shot from behind or from the side, you won’t see my hair, so maybe that’s why.
C7B: Did you know the director had every cameraman take shots of you from the side on or from certain angles so that your pony tail was visible? – To help avoid that criticism?
Sylvainne: Really? Awww… I’ll have to thank him for that.
Sylvainne: Now, let me ask you a question, do you think I look like a guy?
C7B: Uh... general opinions aside, I think you look really cute.
Sylvainne: Awww… thanks
C7B: Are you single?
Sylvainne: Yes!
C7B: Oki, next question, are there any real fights off camera between you and your sister or do you really get along that well?
Sylvainne: We rarely fight, I don’t think we’ve had a fight since we signed this contract.
C7B: That’s great, so you two really get along! Next question, will you be appearing in Episode 2?
Sylvainne: I can’t answer that one
C7B: Ok, would you like to appear in Episode 2?
Sylvainne: Yes! Of course!
C7B: Right now, we’re in mid shooting of your escape with Elexis from Breen’s base but what can you tell us of what’s going to happen later on in Episode 1?
Sylvainne: Nothing
C7B: Nothing as in you can’t tell us anything or nothing as in nothing will happen?
Sylvainne: Nothing as in I can’t tell you Confidential information! You’ll just have to wait and see!
C7B: Ok, maybe you can answer this one, how far are we into the story, I mean, how far away from the end are we?
Sylvainne: I’d say we were half-way through
C7B: Cool, so how much do you like working on this project?
Sylvainne: I love it! I just love coming to “work” everyday, if you can even call it that, it seems more like an amusement park, usually when we come here, we go to our trailers and a guy knocks on the door and gives us coffee, then afterwards, we get called out for the first shooting but everyone is still joking around, acting out voices and stuff, especially Radek, he spent half an hour during that shooting to get his voice right, we spent another half hour trying to get all the crew off camera to stop laughing at him.
C7B: Did you laugh at him?
Sylvainne: Yeah, his Russian was ridiculous!
C7B: Speaking of which, where do you girls come from with names like Sylvainne and Alainne?
Sylvainne: We’re Russian, and our parents named me first and then gave my sister a name that rhymes with mine for cuteness I guess she always plays hell with me for that!
C7B: So, like Radek, do you put on a voice? Or do you just use your own?
Sylvainne: Well, the director said he wanted me to change my voice a bit so that I spoke pigeon English, as if I couldn’t really speak English that well, so I had to adapt it a bit and stutter on a few words.
C7B: Ok, so the real question I’ve been wanting to know personally is, is there anything going on between you and David in the background?
Sylvainne: He is a really nice guy and everything but our love only remains on set I’m afraid.
C7B:What do you like the most about this story?
Sylvainne: That we’re the main characters! no, not really, we are just a small part. But the thing I like the most about Episode 1 is definitely the storyline and script because it is quite realistic in the sense of what can happen, the Combine split into two, No. 17 controlling the aliens and Breen in charge of the human Combine, Breen must merge with us along with Elexis as his manpower support to help us defeat No. 17. We all know that if we took on No.17 ourselves, we would fail, so we need to join forces, and I think the script includes that nicely, merging both factions together.
C7B: Cool, so last question…
Sylvainne: Awww…
C7B: Will you ever give David the kiss that you promised him when he saved you from that fall on the roof?
Sylvainne: Wait and see
C7B: Ok, thanks for your time! Off to the lights and cameras again!
Sylvainne: Yup, no problem, bye.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

City 17 Aftermath Issue: #021

Sorry about the delays guys, just some news for now:
UNCONCERNED comics will be released on ever Monday,
Counter Strike SAuce comics will be released on every Wednesday.
City 17 Aftermath comics will come out every Friday now,

This order allows comics to be distributed throughout the week evenly giving you a small taste to last you until the next comic debuts.

Also, all the comics will be released at their respective websites, (Links at the top right hand corner of the Citybreen Website.) Please go there from now on to grab the comics, the comics won't be released at the main site anymore to make room for announcements and news.

Thanks for tuning in,

Monday, July 02, 2007


City 7 Breen Now proudly presents what it's best known for: UNCONCERNED!!
Breen and Shiny are back people - Enjoy issue #022!

Having been givin the task to fetch Breen from Ravenholm - the land where zombies roam free, Shiny must rescue Breen and finally send him off to the Citadel. Shiny previously infiltrated the base of Ravenhound and failed to gain access to Ravenholm...

Counter Strike SAuce: Issue #018

City 17 Aftermath: #020

Wahey! We're back and ready after a slight internet disorder, I have the new hardware here humming away as I happily post the latest issue of City 17 Aftermath with a new comic layout & design, Enjoy!

I must say, it's good to be back!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Buy SiN Episodes!!

Hi Guys,
Just a strong recommendation from me for a Kick-ass FPS game! After just completing it it's left an impression on me that I will never forget, to me it's better than Half Life 2: Episode 1.
That's right, it's called: SiN Episodes!! Which now only retails for $14.95. That is a very fair price for such a kick ass game!

Intense Combat
Face off against ruthless enemies, like jetpack soldiers and mutants that evolve as you fight them. Witness enemies that adapt to your actions and truly work as a team, as they cover each other and help fallen comrades to get back on their feet. Outsmart your opponents by using your surroundings to your advantage as you set up traps using lethal elements of the environment. Location-based damage rewards accuracy while melee combat moves enable you to get up-close and personal.

Unprecedented Interactivity
Blast your way through highly interactive environments powered by an enhanced version of the Source engine. Characters dynamically react to what you're looking at and the environment. Target and shoot off specific vehicle parts and literally blow cars to pieces. Experience the next level of vehicle combat with a flexible positioning system enabling you to move around the interior with an unprecedented degree of freedom, allowing you to pick the ideal position to attack that enemy position up ahead.

Personal Challenge System™
Driven by one of the most elaborate statistics systems ever created, SiN Episodes will constantly adapt to your playing style and offers a challenge that is custom-tailored to your skill level.

Episodic Delivery
Buy as little or as much of the game as you want, with each installment offering 3 - 6 hours of action-packed gameplay. But tread lightly, as the choices you make may influence future episodes in unforeseen ways.

Source Powered
Utilizing the same engine that powered Half-life® 2, Emergence gives you stunningly gorgeous graphics and intense physics-based gameplay.
SiN Episodes now retails for only $14.95, it's a must for FPS fans - no excuse! You can also buy the SiN Episodes soundtrack for around $9.95 and can be obtained from iTunes and at any other retail music store.
It's also Available via STEAM! Download it here for free:
For more SiN Episodes info follow this link:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday, June 04, 2007

Counter Strike: SAuce #017

Yay! Another Counter Strike Comic! They're easier to fish out of this old Steel Bucket! So enjoy - Issue "#017: Sir. Climb-A-Lot!"

Monday, May 28, 2007

City 17: Aftermath Issue #018

Here guys another comic I choked out of this tin bucket:

Finally, I'm Back!

Hello Everybody,
You won't belive that i've just been able to sign in to my Blog, i've been denied access to it for weeks now and i'm glad i'm finally back!
Right as I am back, I have some news!


The Orange Box is set to be released this October for the Xbox 360 and the PC according to VALVE personel Gabe Newell.

The Orange box will feature Half Life 2, Half Life 2: Episode 2, the all new puzzle game: Portal and Team Fortress 2. The Orange box is an excellent piece of work hoping to once again, redefine the First Person Shooter, the Deathmatch and the Puzzle games and according to IGN and VALVE will certainly fulfill that hope, I too agree. From what I've seen at IGN, Episode 2 looks fantastic (be aware you need good graphics for this) and Portal, man; it looks great - but too confusing for my simple mind to comprehend! Plus, what i'm most excited about is that Portal's main character is a woman - Oh yeah!

If you would like to get some more in depth coverage, reall in-depth then visit the URL below:

This package is kick ass and i'm sure as hell gonna get it!

City 7 Breen News:

Ah, you will have noticed that there hasn't been a comic in weeks well, the simple answer for that is it's becasue most of the team are going through exams at the moment and finish them on June 15th. Also, we are waiting for the graphics upgrade; which my friends, is close at hand now We should have it on June 20th and start publishing comics by July 1st at the LATEST.

In related news, I am back at managing and directing the Counter Strike Sauce comics, which some of you may like or dislike, i've noticed that each time i've handed this comic to someone, no one has done anything with it or there are some technical issues, it seems I am the only one who can make this comic, so i'm back and i've already started work on the next two issues.

I also have a new piece of conceptual art for City 17 Aftermath: Episode 1:

Credits go to bakunyu for making the outstanding Cyber Elexis model - Thanks!